Pour découvrir l'Arctique de façon insolite, et adopter de petits gestes pour aider la banquise

Bike at school

Why is biking so nice? And so important?

  • it keeps you healthy, it makes you active
  • it’s good for the environment, no pollution !
  • you save money ! using the bike is 10 times cheaper than using a car (no parking fee, fuel…)
  • right now, there are so many different ways of cycling, take the bike that suits you best!
  • Corona free! you skip the public transportation and the stress, and have fun being outside
  • a wonderful way to explore and meet (see our page
  • because cities are no longer made for cars, by 2030 all should use public transportation or bike

This is why all school children should learn how to bike from the early age, learn about security, have fun together. I propose bike activities for all age: security sessions (bike driving licence…), fix a puncture, school trip by bike, presentation of family or solo bike trips around the world…

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